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How do I get to the U.S. Market from the Nordics? Let us show the trail.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

"Most opportunities do not directly present themselves."

They either need to be actively sought after or configured with what is available.

Being proactive and searching for creative solutions will surely set you apart from much of the potential competition.

Many of these unique opportunities tend to occur within the least expected of places and conversations, and often include those who were not part of your original target.

When considering entering the North American market, contemplate searching out the often overlooked locations, industries, and populations.

Ponder the opportunities that you can provide them and yourselves. Be creative. Have purpose. With local funding and support, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

This we at S&C Business Development recognize and such is also engrained in our methods of operation. ( S&C = Search & Connect).

This is why we are able to provide our clients up and beyond their initial expectations.

It doesn't hurt to have a conversation. Let's discuss.

In addition, this is why we had launched the Frontier Trails initiative. -Connecting the overlooked and often undervalued, so that they and you can grow and level each other up. (Eventually opportunistic decision makers will take notice and there will be plenty of mutual benefit to go around).

Feel free to join our efforts. Contact Us. You have nothing to lose!


S&C Team

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