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"From relationships comes business. The rest is just commentary."

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We believe that there is not one phrase which better summarizes our

belief in how to best pursue economic growth, and which is also the

foundation for S&C Business Development's methodology.

From relationships we develop trust and insights.

From relationships we meet others who share our visions and purpose.

From relationships we are often introduced to opportunities.

From relationships we personally and professionally grow.

We at S&C Business Development understand the value of developing

and nurturing relationships. Such helps ourselves and our clients to

operate more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

We take a "concierge" approach with our clients by assisting them with the

processes and being that low threshold opportunity for them to explore

internationalization and foreign markets.

By also welcoming and including collaborations with public and

government organizations, we believe we can create mutual benefit and

value for all who we work with.

Again, it is all about relationships and going into the conversation

with the belief that "something on something is better than nothing on


We at S&C Business Development are here to assist !


Ken and Jarkko

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